Internet Applications


Analysis has a broad spectrum of funcionalites which also includes access to advanced rating models, financial and credit risk evaluation with in depth filters to match the needs of every user. It’s mostly used within financial institutions.


An Internet application that operates within the portal.

Employees and partners of EL KONCEPT ltd have put together their knowledge from finance, business intelligence, credit analysis, risk management and IT into making FinInfo happen. This project has also been awarded a prestige award from European Union – EUREKA for its innovation.

FinInfo provides a one stop shop for all relevant business information about Croatian business entities, giving it’s users high value and reliable business information about the risks their business partners undertake and how does their competition do in business.

It enables you to track business entities as well as connected key persons in enterprises and their business connections to other legal and key persons. In essense it enables you to make better business decisions.

Consistent, up to date and highly relevant information as well as excellent filtering models coupled with a large volume of available information, have made FinInfo the market leader for innovation and quality of business, financial and credit risk information. Independetly confirmed by leading financial institutions.

Credit Reporting

High level of experize and a long career in making advanced reporting models guarantee quality of our credit reporting. Credit reports stand for an expert and in depth independent analysis of how a particular business stands. It represents a risk assessment as well as the probability of anticipating solvency problems along with a recommendation whether to do business with a particular subject or not. It also includes a recommendation of how much of a credit should you give to a particular subject and when can you expect to be paid.

Web Services

Web services enable you to have a direct link between our and your server through an API in a format native to computers (Json, Xml)

This is how we optimize and automate processes of our clients, also giving them constant access to to fresh and reliable information with a minimal margin for error.

They are easily integrated and we closely listen to our clients needs, wishes and demands.

Data Base Export

This service means we can export a database from our system, tailored specific to your needs and requests. We can search through our records by a myrad of options which include, geographical, financial, business type, business niche and other specific critera where we select just the business which are your main point of interest.

Čišćenje podataka (data cleaning ili cleansing)

This means we help you get up to date or in other words high quality information, so you can make better business decisions.

By perforing data cleaning in your records we help you stay on top and keep your information up to date in a high pace enviroment.

EL KONCEPT custom Analysis

A specific service where we give you insight into a niche, industry, competition, your clients and competitors SWOT, all in line to your requests, by doing an in depth financial analysis.

Consultancy Services

EL KONCEPT consultancy services provide an added benefit to our clients in the areas where we excel. They revolve around developing models for: credit risk asssessent, cash flow analysis, early warning threat system, fraud warning prevention and other expert models. Our consultancy services also cover a broader area which include finance management, company restructure and LLC mergers/acquisitions.



As an added benefit we allow our clients the opportunity to advertise on our portal, and thus reach a broader and more involved audience for their services


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